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After Lipo Massage
After Lipo Massage2019-07-25T07:44:28+00:00

After Lipo Massage

After liposuction or liposculpture, hardening can cause a bumpy skin structure. The hardening that arises after the operation is usually the result of the inflammatory process and tissue damage. In addition, swelling is caused by a reaction to the cannula (the instrument by which the fat cells are removed). This causes the tissue to swell with moisture. In particular, the abdominal area is susceptible to this. Reducing the swelling in the surgery area promotes healing and makes hardening again supple. With the help of lymphatic drainage, the fluid is displaced and it is absorbed again by the lymphatic system.

Treatment is performed through manual lymphatic drainage This is a skin massage to support and stimulate the lymphatic system. This causes your lymphatic system to acctiveert again and the excess moisture can be easily drained. We also use an ultrasound device that minimizes bruising and swelling, and radio frequency for tightening the skin. The treatment stimulates the drainage of fat cells and lymph fluid, softens hardened scar tissue and promotes blood circulation of the skin. The skin becomes firmer, smoother, healthier and smoother.

It is an excellent treatment as well as before and after treatment in liposuction liposcuplture and a buikwandcorectie.



After lipo massagesfrom €60
Choice of a separate massage for € 60, package of 5 to € 250 and package of 10 to € 450
Anti cellulitesFrom € 60
Choice of a separate massage for € 60, package of 5 to € 250 and package of 10 to € 450
Connective tissue massagesFrom € 60
Choice of a separate massage for € 60, package of 5 to € 250 and package of 10 to € 450
Migraine therapyFrom € 60
Choice of a separate massage for € 60, package of 5 to € 250 and package of 10 to € 450
Relaxation massage€ 50
Only single massage

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lymphatic drainage massage?2019-05-20T15:07:21+00:00

Drainage massage is a massage which focuses on the connective tissue of the skin. Between the connective tissue are lymph. In the massage, all fat cells are wasted and the lymphatic fluid is drained on a manual technique.

How long does the massage take?2019-05-20T15:07:27+00:00

The treatment takes about 75 minutes.

How long after surgery can I be massaged?2019-05-20T15:07:51+00:00

A massage should only be performed after the surgeon’s approval. Usually 2 days after surgery if there are no complications.

What does the treatment look like?2019-05-20T15:07:56+00:00

Prior to the treatment, the wounds, fluid accumulations and a medical questionnaire have been examined. After that you will be helped to undress and take a seat on the Masage table. Manually or via ultrasound, the body is preheated so that the muscles feel supple and less painful during the massage. After this you will be massaged 45 minutes with different techniques applied. Afterwards you will be helped to attract the faja and clothes.

When can I not be massaged?2019-05-20T15:08:02+00:00

With open wounds high and or low blood pressure or fever you can not be massaged.

Tips and aftercare

The first day after the treatment

After a medical intervention a lot comes to you. After Lipomasage is really a must.

The Do’s

Drink as much water as possible, at least 2 litres per day. Water transported the waste and is good for the elasticity of the skin.

Wear your Faja (pressure suit) for at least 3 months throughout the day and night. Then 3 months only the day or night. This will make your body moisture and swell.

The Dont’s

For a massage do not use body lotion or oils for the parts of the body that are massaging. As a result, the equipment works less well. Drink as long as you still have moisture not alcohol, coffee, or soft drinks this will slow you down the healing process. These are serious waste materials that the body can handle hard. It is also important to eat as little salt as possible.


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